Our Service Quality Policy States

Formosa Plastics Marine Corporation(FPMC) is devoted to world-class service quality as establishing a Safe, Qualified and Environmental Protection Services for our cargo ships and company's shore-based personnel. We improve our Safety Management System as precise and efficient programe, prompt service and delivery, persistent process improvement and nurturing industry talents, in striving for the confidence and satisfaction of our good.

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Safety & Health/Quality/Environment Poliy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Security Policy
Healthy Hygiene Medical Care Policy
System Certification

To achieve certification of company’s operational systems, FPMC's Quality Management System complies with International Standardization Organization's (ISO) and OHSAS QC 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management criteria.

No Year certified Certificate Scope and Coverage
1 2023 ISO 9001 Chemical Tanker
Oil Tanker
Oil Product Tanker
Gas Carriers
2 2023 ISO 14001
3 2023 ISO 45001
All tankers are in global navigation and at allocated harbors
Management Review for FPMC

The FPMC management programme is reviewed together with other environmental and social management programmes in the "Management Review Meeting". current status of significant services-oriented environmental improvements commit to establish safeguards against all identified risk and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment aboard all ships and shore staff under management.