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  • FPMC, part of Formosa Plastics Group, was founded in March of 1980 with registered office in Liberia. Originally, the first chemical carrier fleet was established to avoid artificially force up prices by foreign Shipowners and ensure product competitive advantage and timely delivery. Therefore, it also shoulders heavy responsibilities to marine transportation.
  • Afterward, in order to cooperate with mass materials demand for No. 6 Naphtha Project of the group such as: the import and export of oil, petrochemical materials and coals for power generation plant, the carrier fleet expanded accordingly. Now we have 3 chemical carriers, 7 oil and chemical dual use carriers, 4 very large crude carriers, 5 product oil carrier, 2 liquefied gas carrier, 6 bulk carriers, 7 container carriers and various vessels for harbor affairs in Mailiao Harbor (4 Draggers), forming a big self-owned fleet of 37 vessels with total load about 2.5 million tons.
  • The operational businesses consist of carrying all materials required by the Group and vessel rental and lease businesses depending on marine market demand. The ship routes spread worldwide.